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Fourteen boys, aged from 9 to 13 years, met in the disused chook-yard at Bob Clark’s place on the 7th August 1918 to establish a sporting club. The first decision was a name. The name of Bob’s house was “The Briars“ thus the club was named the Briars Sporting Club. An aunt of one of the members embroidered a piece of red cloth “T.B.S.C” standing for THE BRIARS SPORTING CLUB in gold letters. “Bashfulness” on the part of some members caused the red to be changed to maroon (we assume they thought  red was too brash). Thus maroon and gold have been the colours ever since.

On the 6th November 1918, they all signed a pledge not to smoke whilst members of the Briars. But it didn’t last.

The Club grew rapidly in its first two years from the 14 originals to 34 in 1920. Annual sports carnivals were organised from 1919 to 1924. The Club entered a rugby team in the 1923 2nd Grade N.S.W. Junior Rugby Union. The first match was played against Paddington at Centennial Park on May 12th, 1923. Click here for more about the history of Briars.

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Briars Rugby is extremely lucky to be supported and have a home like Briars Sports . It is a place where all rugby players can go and have a fantastic meal, share a beer or have a punt.

Our club can be hired for functions for further information about our function room and current facilities, feel free to contact our Functions Department. Our club strongly supports Briars Rugby so we strongly support Briars Sports and their facilities. More information and contact details.

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