Briars Rugby Union Code of Conduct

Briars Rugby Union have adopted the following Code of Conduct for all players, officials, parents and supporters. The code is derived from the NSW Rugby Union Code of Ethics and the Australian Sports Commission.

Briars Rugby is committed to promoting and protecting the image and integrity of rugby union and requires all those involved to act in accordance with the game’s core values of Passion, Integrity, Discipline, Respect and Teamwork.

The Briars rugby code of conduct sets out the behaviours that are expected of all those involved in Briars rugby, including players, coaches, administrators, employees, contractors, directors, volunteers, parents, and spectators to ensure that a safe, fair, and inclusive environment is provided for all.

Player Code

  1. Players must make every effort to attend all training sessions and games each week for the whole of the season. If you are unable to attend a training session or a game you must advise your coach in advance, providing as much notice as possible.
  2. All players are expected to be at training each Wednesday and ready to commence at 18:30 unless you have advised your coach otherwise. If you do not attend and do not have good reason, you may not be selected to play.
  3. Players must arrive to game venues a minimum of 30 minutes before team warm-up and participate in team drills prior to each game.
  4. All players must complete their registration on Fusesport prior to round 1. If you have not registered on Fusesport you will not be covered by the club’s insurance policy, and as such will not be allowed to play.
  5. Fees are due in full prior round 1. If you are unable to pay fees by this time, speak to the registrar, treasurer, or chairman to arrange a payment extension or payment plan. If you have not paid fees or arranged one of these options by round 1 you will not be allowed to play.
  6. Players must ensure they are wearing the correct uniform for all games. Uniforms are provided upon payment of fees or initiation of a payment plan. If you do not have an item of the uniform due to loss or damage you can purchase replacements at training, or by advising your coach or a committee member who will bring the required items on game day.
  7. Always play by the rules, never argue with an official, referee or other players. The team captain and coach will be responsible for communicating player complaints to the officials.
  8. Players must cooperate with coaches & teammates, and always act in the best interest of the club and the game. A player, member, coach or official shall not at any time act in a manner detrimental towards the game or the spirit of Rugby Union, and always give the appropriate respect to officials, coaches, captains, and teammates.
  9. At the conclusion of the game, the opponents are to be thanked for the game as should the referee and officials who have made the game possible.
  10. During, or after a match, a club member, player, coach, official, supporter or any other person associated with a Suburban Rugby Union Club, shall not abuse, or address a referee or a touch judge in insulting terms, or act in an intimidating manner towards a referee or a touch judge.
  11. Within the pavilion at Rothwell Oval & Briars sports club, you must act in accordance with the laws and guidelines set out by liquor and gaming NSW (Home – Liquor & Gaming NSW) and obey the instructions of club management. Remember that your behavior can impact the ability of the club to operate as a licensed venue. The following types of behaviour will not be tolerated, and may result in bans and/or termination of your membership:
    • Illegal or anti-social behaviour
    • criminal activity
    • drug use
    • rude or offensive behaviour,
    • obscene or offensive language to others or the publicMembers found to be in breach of the above may have to report before the Briars Rugby Board to show cause as to why he or she should not be suspended/expelled.
  12. From time to time as requested by the chairman, coaches, or committee members, you may be required to assist with various functions to support the operations of the club. Remember, the club is run by volunteers for all to enjoy, and many hands make light work.
  13. At all times adhere to the Rugby Australia code of conduct (All Codes and Policies | Rugby Australia)

Spectator Code

  • Show respect for your own team`s opponents. Without them there would be no game.
  • Condemn the use of violence, abuse, and discrimination in all forms
  • Respect the referee`s decisions. If there is any concern about a referee`s decision or any other aspect of the game, it should be raised the coach of the playing team, or a committee member. Under no circumstances is the official`s honesty or judgement to be questioned in public.

Additional Information

  • If you need to ask questions or require assistance, speak to the team captain in the first instance, if they are not contactable, then speak to the team coach.
  • Rugby is a winter sport, and the game should be considered on despite inclement weather.
  • Team WhatsApp chats are used to provide communication channels between coaches and players. If a coach issues a request, you must respond as soon as practical