Briars Women’s Players Gold 2023

Meet the Players for Briars Women’s 7s Gold

Women's Players

1Annabel WooBriars Women’s 7s GoldForward0
2Awhina AkuhataBriars Women’s 7s GoldForward0
3Breanna RaymondBriars Women’s 7s GoldCentre0
4Chloe BromageBriars Women’s 7s GoldForward0
5Courtney MillerBriars Women’s 7s GoldForward0
6Emily EdenBriars Women’s 7s GoldHalfback0
7Kate MateffyBriars Women’s 7s GoldFly-half0
8Olympia PlummerBriars Women’s 7s GoldCentre0
9Pui San LaiBriars Women’s 7s GoldHalfback0
10Rachel SimpsonBriars Women’s 7s GoldCentre0
11Taylah WatsonBriars Women’s 7s GoldWing0

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