Old Boys

How many Briars Old Boys are there?

From an Old Boy letter to the Old Boys Committee:

Let’s assume we involve about 100 Rugby players each season. Let’s also assume the average player stays for 4 years (some stay for 10 but more stay for 1. An average of 4 is reasonable). So, each decade we enjoy 100 players x 2·5 = 250 players each decade. I think it’s a bit light but let’s go with it. Let’s assume father time has intercepted a few. Hence: 1950s—150 players; 1960s—200 players; 1970s—250; 1980s—250; 1990s—250; 2000s—250; which makes a total of 1350. Let’s allow for some of the backs to have changed sex and many of the forwards to have succumbed to alcohol. Let’s round it out at 1000.

That’s how many Briars Rugby Old Boys there are!

The Old Boys Network

The Old Boys offer a series of memberships to Old Boys to allow them to support the club and to participate and support the current players, coaches and officials.

Briars Old Boy Updates

The Old Boys put out a newsletter to keep the community up to date.