Subs and Player Registration

Senior Players – $320

Under 21s – $160

  • TO REGISTER: Download the “Fusesport Rugby” app on your phone and follow the prompts under “Register” to register for the season

All clubs have costs and Briars Rugby is no different to any other not for profit organisation. Briars Rugby exists solely due to our membership through the players, Old Boys and primarily our major sponsor The Briars Sporting Club.

It costs approx. $60,000.00 a season to run the teams at Briars Rugby, so please be conscious that your Subs are essential to the survival of YOUR rugby club and bear in mind that not being a financial player could affect your insurances.

Some of the things your fees cover:

  • Jumpers, Socks and Shorts
  • Social events
  • Physiotherapy cost and medical support
  • Medical insurances and insurances for the club in general
  • Rugby Equipment like tackling bags to balls
  • Field rental Council Fees and rates, and electricity costs
  • Membership into the Briars Sporting Club.

Policies on Subs

  • Your Subs can be paid in full or part over a set period by negotiation
  • No equipment such as socks, shorts or ancillary items will be issues to member who are have not paid their fees.
  • If after the players 3rd appearance for the club and
    • No fees have been paid
    • There have not been any other arrangements with the club

Then the player will be deemed Non-Financial, and ineligible to play until the situation is corrected.

Non-Financial playing members may:

  • Not be invited to attend club functions social events or play on charity game days
  • Not be granted player releases by Briars Rugby to play with other rugby clubs unless fees due for the current year have been paid by the member prior to requesting the release to play. (extenuating circumstances will be consider such as personal relocation)

Please Note – If you are concerned about fees please contact; or your grade manager. BRIARS RUGBY WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT PLAYERS IN FINANCIAL HARDSHIP. As long as we know there is a financial issue, and your willing to help the club in other ways like a shift on the BBQ, or Running Lines, Ball Boy, Set up/Pack up. In General Supporting the club. There will never be an issue of Subs. Briars Rugby is a Family and we will always support our Family.

If you have previously played rugby in Australia before you should have a MyRugby ID if you are not sure of your ID # or password  please  email MY RUGBY